Fire Spark Studio’s 2019 Complete Shop BUndle

2019shopbundleArtboard 1.jpg

2019 is almost over, and with the end of the year comes a fresh start and inspiration for what's to come next! So with that in mind, I wanted to give you a head start with resources to save you time and money and expand your digital library in a big way.

That's why I've put together my first ever bundle! Get every single shop item I've ever made in one set with the 2019 Complete Shop Bundle! This bundle contains all of my Creative Market listed graphics, specifically, but I'm offering it here as well, so it's a good opportunity to snag some graphics that aren't listed in my stand alone shop yet for a discount! 

Creative Market's licenses do not apply to this bundle if purchased from Please refer to for more information.

This set includes vectors, watercolor illustrations, textures, patterns, fonts....everything you need to create branding graphics, blog graphics, surface patterns, invitations, and so much more.

This bundle will only be available until December 31! It will disappear in January 2020, and won't come back for a while, so snag it while you can!

*You'll receive a PDF with links to product files. They've been organized in folders to make it easy to find what you need for your project.*


What's Included

- Umber & Gold Ginkgo Illustrations -

- Mood Trendy Paper Textures -

- Ocean Blue -

- Monstera -

- Green Thumb -

- Winter Berry -

- Dreams & Wishes textures -

- Timber Vectors -

- Succulent Blooms -

- Violet Vibes -

- Witches Britches -

- Grab & Go Paper Pack -

- Autumn Colors -

- Plasmo -

- Lovestruck -

- Starry Night -

- Watercolor Shapes & Patterns -

- Natural Decay -

- Watercolor Streaks -

- Rough Geometry -

- Rustic Autumn -

- The Great Big H2O Image Set -

- Poppy Blossoms -

- Vintage Starburst -

- Watercolor Splatter -

- Sorbet Watercolor Circles -

- Lines and Arrows -

- Spring Illustrations -

- Blank Watercolor Circles -

- Watercolor Feathers -

Other Information

Some of my products have vector variations. Rather than have duplicate folders, I've combined these products into a single folder. So for example, the Poppy Blossoms folder will contain graphics from both the raster and vector versions. If you're looking for a particular vector version, just check the product folder.

Combined Folders

- Blank Circles

- Poppy Blossoms

- Rough Geometry

- Witches Britches


I hope you enjoy this bundle. Thank you for the support this year, and all previous years. Good luck, and happy creating! 

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