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Catherine Herold is a designer and sells easy to use design tools through her site at Fire Spark Studio


I’m Catherine, an artist and designer, and I love to create useful and meaningful digital resources for your creative projects.

I believe the best resources are versatile resources, and I’m on a mission to create ones you will reach for over and over again.

With over 20 years of art and illustration experience, I’m combining traditional art with modern digital techniques to craft real media digital resources with an organic, hand-made aesthetic.

Fire Spark Studio Partners

Any designs listed outside of these official shops (including were not authorized to be sold. Support me as an artist and designer by shopping at the shops mentioned above or at!

Why Fire Spark?

It was the first domain name I ever had. I bought it as a teenager, and over time, it was a personal website for my hobbies and interests, then a portfolio website, then became the name of my resource shop! I like to think the name can make people think of what “sparks” their creativity, since that’s what I aim to do with Fire Spark Studio!

Pssst…did you know I do more?

I’m also an illustrator/artist working with traditional and digital mediums.

You can find more of my nature and fantasy infused illustrations, artist guides, and more at