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How To Make Realistic Foil Textures in Photoshop +Freebies
Lately, I’ve really enjoyed incorporating a little bit of bling into my paintings and designs. I love the way a metallic foil texture looks in real life, but digitally, it’s not so easy to capture that shine and glow. Or is it? Keep reading to find o...
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How to Install Pattern and Color Swatches in Photoshop
Confused on how to use Photoshop patterns and pre-made color swatch palettes? These simple steps will guide you on how to install Photoshop .PAT files and Photoshop .ACO color swatch files, so you can get started using that brand new pattern collecti...
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Vectorize Your Line Art Without Illustrator's Image Trace
Adobe Illustrator is the go-to standard for vector graphic illustrations. I’ve used it for years…until this year, when I finally cancelled my subscription (and saved myself over $20 a month). I needed a cost effective alternative, so I turned to Affi...
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Procreate Brush Basics - Organizing and Installing New Brushes
Procreate is an amazing drawing program with equally amazing brushes. I’ve enjoyed using the stock brushes (Spectra and Tamar are personal favorites), and also experimenting with creating my own brushes - two of which you can get as freebies! Here’s ...
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Procreate Palette Basics - Installing and Organizing Color Palettes
Having the right color palette is a game changer when it comes to creating digital art. But there are literally millions of color options to choose from. Want to beat color overwhelm back? Use predesigned color palettes! In this post, I’ll show you h...
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How to recolor black line art
Recoloring Black Line Art Drawings The Easy Way
Have you ever bought a graphic, thinking it would be ready to use right out of the box, but then you realize the color just doesn’t work, or that you can’t easily change it because of the file type? In this tutorial, I’m going to walk you through a c...
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