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Procreate Palette Basics - Installing and Organizing Color Palettes

Having the right color palette is a game changer when it comes to creating digital art. But there are literally millions of color options to choose from. Want to beat color overwhelm back? Use predesigned color palettes!

In this post, I’ll show you how to install and organize color palettes for Procreate. Not only will using palettes give your work a cohesive and harmonious look, using palettes will help you work faster and more efficiently.

Let’s get started!

Installing Color Palettes

This method uses Dropbox, but you can also use iCloud Files, Airdrop, or similar file sharing methods.

This method also works easiest in split screen mode on the iPad (read more about that here)!

Download the swatch file and extract it from the .zip file, if necessary. Look for files ending in .swatches.

Once you’ve found the .swatches file, drag it over or tap, and Procreate will import it automatically.

how to install procreate palettes

Selecting a Palette

It’s as simple as tapping the “Set Default” button above each palette. Then tap the “Disc” icon (it looks like a circle) under palette styles to display the palette. Disc mode is my favorite palette style to use, but you don’t have to stick with that if you don’t want to. Pick a palette style that suits you - your swatches will still be available at the bottom of the color panel.

how to select palette swatches

Renaming Palettes

To rename a color palette, tap the name of the palette on the upper left side, just above the swatches. Type in your new name and you’re done!

how to rename procreate palettes

Editing Palettes

Maybe you want to rearrange a palette and group colors by hue, or saturation, or just because you want to! Tap on a color swatch and hold it for a second, then slide it around within the palette to rearrange the swatch order.

how to edit procreate palettes

Sharing & Deleting Palettes

Tap on the palette, and drag/swipe to the left. From there, tap “Share” or “Delete”!

how to share and delete procreate palettes

In Part 2, I’ll walk you through how to create your own palettes, and show you a really nifty trick to craft them quickly!

I hope you found this visual guide helpful! Good luck, and happy creating!

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