Discover the secrets of the underwater world with Ocean Blue, an illustrative watercolor graphics collection. Delicate and ethereal, you'll find ocean plant life and sea creatures, along with watery abstract elements and decorative coral and kelp wreaths. With over 40 individually hand painted, real watercolor elements, Ocean Blue is an ideal graphics collection for creating enchanted branding, destination wedding invitations, and more.

What You Get : 

  • 7 decorative coral forms

  • 2 fish schools

  • 3 jelly fish

  • 13 kelp and sea grass forms

  • 3 wreaths

  • 15 abstract forms

Other Important Things :

  • high-resolution images 300 DPI

  • all transparent PNGs

  • easy to use in most graphics editing programs (you aren't limited to just Photoshop)

  • organized, labeled files