Introducing my biggest watercolor set yet - The Great Big Watercolor Image Set

Each paint blob was carefully hand painted with color blends in mind. They were scanned, slightly adjusted in vibrancy, and converted to JPG and PNG format for your use for whatever you can imagine. 

Check out the NEW Inspo Sheet for ideas on how to use this versatile set!

The images are categorized into five sizes - XS, S, M, L, and XL. I've marked out blob dimensions in the preview images, but here's a count of what you get.


What You Get:

  • 11 XS splatters

  • 19 S blobs

  • 18 M blobs

  • 12 L blobs

  • 8 XL shapes, perfect for paper-sized prints

  • JPGs and PNGs of each size, all 300 DPI

  • PNGs are transparent


Other Important Things:

No brushes are included in this set. I chose to do this because this set is all about color! There are so many subtle variations of color in each watercolor image that would have been lost had I converted them to brush form.